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Save the Date: June 25th @ 6pm

Post Season Party!!

Edora Park

(Pavilion west of baseball fields)

We are looking for volunteers to help!

Pease contact Coach Tim at or 970-690-6743 for more information



If you would like to pay by check, please make check payable to FCHS Girls Tennis for $25.15 and hand to Coach Tim.

If you would like to pay online, please click on the link below to pay through School Pay:


Seeking Volunteers and Donations


Interested in Volunteering for the end of the season celebration? Please contact Coach Tim at or (970) 690-6743 for more information.

FCHS Optional Tennis Team Donations

Please consider donating to the 2021 FCHS Girls Tennis Season. $25.00 would help cover costs for celebrations, awards and ongoing fees and supplies. Checks can be made payable to FCHS Girls Tennis Team and handed in to Coach Tim.


The 2021 season has been very crazy and different than seasons in the past. We acknowledge that at times things may seem a little hectic and busy. With this being said, please reach out to any of the coaches with any concerns or questions.